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OwnBackup believes that no company operating on the cloud should ever lose data. With comprehensive backup, visual compare, fast data recovery, and configurable sandbox seeding/replication capabilities, OwnBackup helps organizations better protect and manage their Salesforce data and development environments.


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Critical Considerations for Data Backup when Using Salesforce Shield Encryption

Increasingly, sensitive data is being managed in the is the desire to leverage SaaS data protection and disaster recovery tools. Find out why backup becomes even more important for customers who manage their own encryption keys with Salesforce Shield and what to consider when implementing a backup solution.

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How to Restore Lost Data Using the Weekly Export and Other Tools

Most admins are using the weekly export, provided by Salesforce, to backup their Salesforce data, but none of them actually know how to restore from the weekly export files. This presentation will demonstrate how to do that, along with some tips for protecting Salesforce data.

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Sandbox Dataset Optimization for Salesforce Developers and Admins

No Salesforce developer/admin wants to introduce workflow and coding bugs into their production orgs. However, few have mastered how to easily configure and replicate the perfect, sized-to-fit test data sets on demand. Learn real user secrets to optimizing sandbox datasets and increase productivity in this technical session.

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