Webinar Recording:

What's Your Salesforce Data Loss Risk Score?

Salesforce provides customers with the data protection they need; however, as with all SaaS solutions, there is a shared responsibility. Customers must protect their data from user-inflicted data loss or unauthorized access. Join this hands-on workshop webinar with Salesforce and OwnBackup experts and run our comprehensive risk assessment model to learn your company’s data loss risk score. 

Experts from Salesforce and OwnBackup include:

  • Asit Sharma, Senior Director & Lead Information Architect - Customer Success, Salesforce
  • Siddharth Muzumdar, Senior Director & Lead Information Architect, Salesforce
  • Lihod Rachmilevitch, Director Customer Support and Pre-Sales Engineering, OwnBackup
  • Hosted by Bridget Piraino, EVP Marketing, OwnBackup

With greater focus on data security, compliance, and privacy, today’s enterprises bear higher data protection liability and business risk than ever before.

The Risk Assessment webinar covers:

  • Data loss and corruption risk factors
  • Managing risk and security with:
    • Salesforce security architecture
    • The Salesforce-customer shared responsibility for backup and disaster recovery
    • Security and privacy procedures for backed-up data
    • Salesforce Shield and encryption key backup
  • Assessing your Company’s Risk
    • Hands-on: Data Loss and Corruption Risk Assessment Model and participant scoring