Webinar Recording:

The Real Cost of Salesforce User-Inflicted Data Loss and Corruption

Your organization has invested heavily in the Salesforce platform. Numerous users rely on Salesforce every day as they upload, edit, and delete data. Critical applications are also integrated with Salesforce, and modifying data, to keep your business running smoothly. Yet, a few brave Salesforce admins and developers manage the data. Data loss and corruption occur more often than you would think. Commonly from:

  • Accidental or malicious deletion;
  • Bad code;
  • Rogue integrations;
  • And many other day-to-day user-driven errors.

With so much daily activity on your company’s Salesforce platform, it is likely that the organizational cost of data loss is much higher than you might expect.

From time spent recovering, to the impact on opportunities missed and revenue lost, join the experts at OwnBackup as we help you understand the real cost of Salesforce user-inflicted data loss and corruption.